Product Photography



The majority of professional online stores use a white background for their product. One of the reasons is because the white background perfectly shows all of the product details. There are two kinds of white backgrounds in product photography, glossy and flat white. The flat white surface could be either with a soft shadow or without shadow, but the glossy surface makes a perfect reflection of the product on the background. Glossy white shows your product more clear and shiny on your online store website.

Advertising Product Photography


 Educating potential customers about the product they need is necessary for any business. Potential buyers would like to know why they should buy, how products are used and what is the benefit of using them. They would also like to know what are the advantages of the products compare to similar products. Advertising product photography is one of the ways to attract potential buyers to build and maintain product awareness with them. The advertising product photography includes photography of ideas, concepts, products, and lifestyles.

Commersial Photography


Commercial product photography is almost similar to advertising product photography, but commercial would cover a larger scale than advertising photography. Commercial photographs usually used for promotional purposes and need fewer techniques than advertising photography. It Includes photography of buildings, artifacts, landscapes, merchandise, and models.

Advertising Video



We are experts in videography. Product videos give a better view of the products,
and they are one of the effective tools for online marketing. Proper advertising video
attracts customers and creates an opportunity to pass your message to them.
Advertising by product video could help you to answer customers questions and
show more detail about the product.