Product Photography


We currently shoot products that are smaller than 2 feet. 

We currently shoot all products except Clothing & Jewelry.



Group or Individual * 

Group of products in a photo or individual product in a photo

Background Color * 

Clipping Path * 

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We charge by the number of view shots not by number of products.

If you have one product and wants it photographed from three different angles, there will be charge for 3 view shots.

Do I need clipping path/silo?

Clipping paths or closed vector path is recommended for Adobe professional. Clipping path is drawing a vector path around the product image.

The white background style is compatible with most of the online retailer such as Amazon and Ebay.

Do you need specific view shot?

If you need your product to be photographed from specific views, set up your product and take some sample shots. Then, email them to us by providing your order number or just replay to your order confirmation email.

Delivery Time

Once we receive your product we will photograph them in high quality and the standard delivery time usually takes 10 business days. Delivery time is from the day we receive your product.

Visit our FAQ for more answers or contact us at We would be delighted to hear from you.
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